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Innovative Percussion


o   Develop and trademark our new and current Innovative Percussion, Inc. logo.

o   James Ross joins the Innovative Percussion Family and assists in developing the first series of orchestral mallets.

o   Add products ENS60(R), FS550(R), FS650(R), ENS760(R)


  • 1998

o   Erik Johnson joins The Cavaliers Drum & Bugle Corps as the Front Ensemble Arranger providing the perfect environment to continue expanding the color pallet  for keyboard instruments

o   William Moersch joins the Innovative Percussion Family and designs a signature model series for concert marimba

o   Lowell Layne joins the Innovative Percussion family as Director of Financial Operations


  • 1999

o   Rent the adjacent suite for additional space, doubling the square footage

o   Hire George Barrett as Chief Executive Officer to assist in increasing domestic and international sales, as well as using his knowledge of the industry for relations and product development.

o   Ethan Chastain joins Innovative Percussion; is currently Operations Manager

o   Went from two company computers to four.

o   Robin Engelman joins Innovative Percussion Family and develops signature Ensemble Series mallets.

o   Mark Ford Series “Legato” Marimba Mallets is introduced.

o   Jim Casella Series is introduced as the first ever signature series specifically designed for the marching front ensemble.

  • 2000

o   Develop drumsticks and drum mallets to become more competitive in the market and, in doing so, sought a new level of endorsers in the drum corps, educational, and symphonic activities.

o   Acquire additional warehouse space.

o   Designs faster and more consistent machine for wrapping mallets along with a machine to apply latex covering.

o   Open relations with international customers in Asia and Europe followed by Australia and Canada.

o    Establish sales to distributors/wholesalers, which would be able to offer the products to many more music dealers across the United States.

o   Bret Kuhn Signature Model FS-BK is IP’s first marching signature stick product. 

o   Other pioneering stick products included IP-1, FS-1, TS-1

o    Multi-tom mallets to include both an aluminum series and a wood handle series; introducing our “fulcrum notched” wood handles which were also used for the line of Field Series Bass Mallets.
o   The Cavaliers Drum & Bugle Corps become the first corps to win DCI and High Percussion using Innovative Percussion products exclusively

  • 2001

o   James Campbell Signature Model concert snare drumstick is introduced

o   Lalo Davila Signature Model concert snare drumstick and LS-LD timbale stick are introduced

o   Paul Rennick Signature Field Series model FS-PR marching snare drumstick is launched

o   New Concert Series to include mallets for concert bass drum, gong, and timpani.

o   Anders Åstrand introduces his AA25 signature vibe/marimba mallet

o   Introduces Fundamental Series mallets to provide a quality economical line for young percussionists

o   IP displays at conventions:  Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA), Texas Band Masters Association (TBA), Midwest Clinic, and National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM).


  • 2002

o   Moves to present location in Nashville, Tennessee.

o   Christopher Lamb joins Innovative Percussion; develops his Signature Series of Concert Snare Drumsticks

o   Innovative Percussion introduces the AS-MM Arena Series Mike McIntosh Signature Snare Drumstick

o   Solid red oak Field Series Timpani Mallets are introduced

o   Fundamental Packs introduced, providing the necessary tools for beginning through college bound students

o   Stick and Mallet Bags introduced, distinguishing Innovative Percussion from other brands

o   Unveil a new large wall display at PASIC ‘02

o   Company’s first CD-ROM catalog


  • 2003

o   Ed Soph joins Innovative Percussion; helps design and introduce the first Drumset sticks

o   Arena Series Bass Drum Mallets introduced for the indoor percussion environment consisting of the industry’s first full-bodied felt ball design to have a tapered impact area.

o   Innovative Percussion introduces the AS-BK Arena Series Bret Kuhn Signature Model Snare Drumstick

o   Innovative Percussion introduces brushes and alternative sticks

o   Acquires new machinery to place images on products more quickly

o   Become involved with Winter Guard International Begins working with winter drumline organizations.


  • 2004

o   Bob Breithaupt joins Innovative Percussion family

o   Dan Moore helps develop his DM20 signature vibe/marimba mallet

o   James Ancona joins Innovative Percussion.  Develops Marching Keyboard Mallets with darker, warmer choices for marching

o   Henry Go Joins the Innovative Percussion family as Customer Service Representative

o   Rattan Artist Series models introduced as an expansion to Rattan Series Vibe Mallets

o   Mike McIntosh Signature Model Field Series Snare Drumstick is introduced

o   Team up with Sullivan Group to provide consistent service and selection for line of wearables.

o   Displays overseas at the Musik Messe, Frankfurt, Germany

o   Music City Mystique wins WGI Independent World Class becoming the first marching ensemble to win WGI playing Innovative Percussion products exclusively


  • 2005

o   Janis Potter and Innovative Percussion develop a new five-mallet series.

o   Jerry Tachoir and Innovative Percussion introduce the JT23 signature vibraphone mallet to the Rattan Artist Series line

o   Nick Phillips joins the Innovative Percussion family as Assistant Marketing Manager

o   Innovative Percussion introduces Bob Breithaupt Signature Series BB-1 Drumset stick in maple

o   Christopher Lamb redesigns two existing models using laminated birch

o   Jim Casella Signature Model Field Series Snare Drumstick FS-JC is introduced

o   “Shorty” Multi-tom stick is added to the multi tom line


  • 2006

o   Steel Drum Mallets, both aluminum and wood models are introduced

o   Four new Multi-Tom implements are added:  AT-1A, AT-2, AT-2M, FT4A

o   The Orchestral Series xylophone and glockenspiel mallets are developed in conjunction with artist Chris Deviney

o   Innovative Percussion expands drumset stick offering with the addition of  5A, 5B, and 2B models

o   Tim Fairbanks develops AS-TF to add to our Arena Series Marching Drumsticks

o   The Top 3 Independent World groups, Music City Mystique, Rhythm X, and Aimachi, play Innovative Percussion exclusively


  • 2007

o   Ludwig Albert joins Innovative Percussion Team and develops Signature Series marimba models

o   Expands the Artist Rattan Series with four additional Anders Åstrand models

o   The General Timpani Series mallets are added to the timpani mallet selection

o   The CL-3L is added to the Christopher Lamb Series

o   IP introduces FS-PR2, a second Paul Rennick Signature Model marching snare drumstick

o   Field Series Bass mallets (FBX)with tapered handle are now offered

o   The Azucar and Mambo Lalo Davila Timbale Stick Models are introduced


  • 2008

o   Nebojsa Zivkovic Joins Innovative Percussion Family and introduces Signature Series Marimba Mallets with oversized cedar or classic rattan handles

o   Innovative Percussion introduces four new Mark Ford expansion models

o   She-E Wu joins Innovative Percussion and develops Signature Series Marimba Mallets with six varied models

o   Bob Breithaupt Combo Model BB-2 is added in white hickory

o   IP introduces the IP-HB “Hybrid” model to the growing line of combo sticks

o   CC-1 chime hammer is introduced.

o   Carol Carpenter joins Marketing Team to assist in West Coast Artist Relations

o   Phantom Regiment wins DCI & High Percussion becoming the second corps to win DCI & High Percussion using Innovative Percussion exclusively

o   Four out of 5 top scoring DCI Champinships drumlines use Innovative Percussion exclusively


  • 2009

o   Added 2500 sq. ft to warehouse space

o   Bamboo Series Timpani Mallets introduced

o   New Ensemble Series introduced in conjunction with Julie Davila

o   Tim Jackson Joins Innovative Percussion Family; develops Tim Jackson Signature model Tenor Stick TS-TJ

o   Tim Fairbanks signature model field series snare stick makes debut (FS-TF)

o   New Alternative sticks and brushes are released:  WBR-1, WBR-2, Jamz, Flipz, BR-5W Bundle Stick, BR-8 Fanned Caps, BR-9 Fanned bundle stick.

o   Expansion of drumset sticks to include  IP-7A and IP-RK White Hickory models

o   Practice Pads are introduced.

o   The FS-SG Field Series Shane Gwaltney snare drum stick is released
o   Members of USC Marching Band perform with Radiohead on Grammy Awards live broadcast on ABC (1st Innovative Percussion group on Grammy Award broadcast)

  • 2010

o   Innovative Percussion sweeps top 3 in percussion at DCI:  Phantom Regiment, The Cavaliers, and Bluecoats

o   Development of Tom Rarick Signature Keyboard Mallets which contribute to front ensemble options for vibraphone and marimba

o   Bundlz and Bundlz-Lite are introduced both in birch and bamboo models

o   Introducing Sweepz with fanned bundle on butt end and Hybrid drumset stick on the other.

o   Innovative Percussion announces Tim Jackson Signature Model Tenor Stick TS-TJ2
o   Innovative Percussion artist Matt Billingslea with Lady Antebellum perform on Grammy Awards live broadcast on ABC becoming the first Innovative Percussion drumset artist on Grammy Award broadcast

  • 2011

o   David Friedman joins Innovative Percussion family; develops Signature Series Vibraphone and Marimba mallets

o   She-E Wu Signature Series expanded to include WU5C and WU6C Concert  Models

o   Introducing the addition of the Christopher Lamb Series Orchestral Chime Beaters

o   Drumset sticks expand with eight new models:  IP3A(N), IP-5AL(N), IP-5BL(N), IP-SR, and IP-CR

o   Rich Mangicaro joins Marketing Team to assist in Drumset Artist Relations

o   Ike Jackson joins Innovative Percussion Family

o   Top Honors go to The Cavaliers Drum & Bugle Corps, DCI High Percussion; Music City Mystique, WGI Independent World Class Champions, Minnesota Brass, High Percussion; Broken Arrow High School, National Marching Band Champions



  • 2012

o   Innovative Percussion registers “IP” logo

o   IP enters into partnership with Winterguard International (WGI)

o   Expansion of Dan Moore Signature Series to include new models

o   WU4C Concerto Model added to the She-e Wu Signature Series

o   The OS10 practice mallet is designed in conjunction with Chris Deviney of the Philadelphia Orchestra; new to the orchestral series

o   Soloist Series, our most popular series of solo marimba mallets, is offered on unfinished birch handles

o   Innovative Percussion introduces the IP-JZ BIG BAND combo stick

o   Joey Waronker joins the Innovative Percussion Family

o   Multi-talented and versatile drummer Herman Mathews joins the Innovative Percussion Family

o   Renowned marimbist Pius Cheung joins the Innovative Percussion Family

o   Steelpan artist Liam Teague joins the Innovative Percussion Family

o   Casey Cangellosi joins the Innovative Percussion Family

o   R&B Master drummer James Gadson joins the IP Family

o   IP welcomes Pedro Carneiro, solo classical percussionist, to artist family

o   Drumming Virtuoso Chad Wackerman joins the IP Family

o   Music Icon Sheila E joins the Innovative Percussion artist family


  • 2013

o   Innovative Percussion introduces the Legacy Series, featuring a traditional teardrop bead on several of our existing drumset models

o   The Joey Waronker Signature Model is launched

o   The Sandi Rennick Signature Series keyboard mallets is introduced, designed with the amplified keyboard section in mind

o   Kennan Wylie assists to develop his signature concert model snare drumstick

o   The Ike Jackson Signature Series Marching Snare Drumstick is launched

o   Introduce the Chad Wackerman Signature Series Model for drumset 
o   Introduce the Sheila E. Signature Series Model for drumset

o   Latin Percussionist Luisito Quintero joins IP, assists to develop his signature model

o   IP welcomes Peter Michael Escovedo III, two-time Emmy nominated Producer and Musical Director

o   IP welcomes talented Drummer/Percussionist Shannon Forrest to our artist family

o   IP welcomes Chris McHugh, touring drummer and musical director for Keith Urban

o   Joey Waronker Studio Model #2 is introduced

o   Chris McHugh Signature Model is launched for drumset


  • 2014

o   IP introduces Christopher Lamb Orchestral Series Xylophone Mallets to include rosewood crafted models

o   The Pius Cheung Series Marimba Mallets are launched featuring six models on rattan wrapped in unique Alpaca-blend yarn

o   Casey Cangelosi Series Marimba mallets are introduced wrapped in bamboo-blended cord; two softest models also available in yarn wrap

o   IP artist Julie Davila inducted into the WGI Hall of Fame

o   Santa Clara Vanguard, under Percussion Arranger and Caption Manager Paul Rennick and Front Ensemble Arranger Sandi Rennick, captured the 2014 Fred Sanford Best Percussion Performance Award!

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