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P. Mauriat

Music is the universal language of the people. It is the medium by which we can individually or collectively share our ideas and express life's vast range of emotions. Despite the tool chosen for this endeavor, it must act as an extension of the body, a soundboard for the soul. That is why at P. Mauriat takes pride in providing the most ergonomic and efficient instruments for the musicians of the world. Instead of a barrier cast between the player and music making, our instruments are the keys that unlock doors to creative minds.

The craftsmanship that goes into each instrument by P. Mauriat is second to none. The French brass and other metals are exceptionally resonant due to the extensive hand-hammering process it must endure in the factory. A single saxophone body will be hammered as many as 400 times before proceeding to the next technician for final shaping. Each tone hole is drawn from the saxophone one by one to ensure the precision and consistency required for excellent response and intonation. The lacquer process is applied by three separate stages in order to achieve a timeless, vintage look that will last for ages. The final hand engraving process is masterfully accomplished with nothing more than a simple handheld tool and years of experience. Once complete, each instrument is carefully inspected and tested by their full-time quality control artists to endure that customers receive the absolute finest instrument available. 

P. Mauriat instruments represent the embodiment of aesthetic beauty and technical precision. All their horns are handmade in order to bring out the innate characteristics and sound of each exclusive model. The natural quality of their horns is what they believe differentiates them from all others, and they believe that you will hear it, too. With a P. Mauriat you can Go fo the Sound.

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